aimee norwich

Aimee Norwich is a musician, inventor, filmmaker, instrument builder, and visual artist. Aimee’s formal music education is in jazz and classical electric bass, audio production, and room acoustics.

She plays a Hybrid Bass/Guitar, Fretless Bass, Piccolo Bass,  Baritone Ukulele and Electric Bass, along with various FX pedals and loop stations. She also plays odd folk instruments that she builds, such as her Tabletop Onestring Bass.

Aimee writes music, ranging from power pop, rock anthems to string orchestrated instrumental works. She produces recording projects and composes for film.

Much of the technology she uses in the recording studio, is gear that she builds, such as tube microphones, preamps, and various gadgets.

As an experimental  filmmaker, Aimee mainly uses the Super 8 and 16mm medium.